Moving from a house into an apartment or condo?  Moving your elderly loved ones into a senior’s complex or care facility? Transitions provides a downsizing service for those who don’t have the time, manpower or ability to manage such a project themselves.

  • Downsizing begins with a free consultation to determine which items are to be kept and which will be sold.
  • We can arrange for a mover to the new location and assist with organizing at that location.
  • Any personal items such as papers, money or photos, etc inadvertently left behind will be placed in a “family treasures” box and returned to the client after clean-up.
  • Items to be sold will be cleaned, organized, priced and displayed on site for sale. We supply display tables, tablecloths, wrapping paper, bags, etc.
  • Our company will advertise the sale through newspapers, flyers, e-mails to regular customers, street signs and appropriate community news sources.
  • Staff will be present at the door and in every room where items are displayed. A cashier will take payments.  Buyers are responsible for the removal of their purchases.